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Youth Counselor

Youth Counselor - Daytime shift (Direct Youth Care)

Full time/ Part time/Non-exempt

The youth counselor candidate must possess a BA or BS degree in a human service related field  (or equivalent experience) and maintain annual training of 40 hours continuing education with core elements completed.  The candidate must be at least 21 years of age and a US citizen that possess a valid driver’s license in good standing.  The candidate must have all background checks (Act 33 / FBI clearances), physical exam clearing for this work and free of communicable diseases, able to implement safe crisis management techniques, and other required documentation by law, regulation or ALS  policy.

Job Summary

  • Maintain daily 24/7 structure and supervision
  • Monitor youth’s safety and whereabouts at all times
  • Offer redirection suggestions for maladaptive behaviors
  • Complete youth wave evaluations
  • Participate in the monitoring of Individualize Service Plan (ISP)
  • Monitor and record social, emotional, and behavioral welfare of youth
  • Transport and/or accompany youth to relevant appointments
  • Assist in aspects of meal preparation
  • Monitor all living areas.
To apply for this job, complete the ONLINE ALS JOB APPLICATION.
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